DK0TU - Amateurfunkgruppe der Technischen Universität Berlin (AfuTUB) - Locator JO62PM

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Decentralised wireless communication is our passion.
Free content, international understanding and emergency communications are our mission.

HF antennas
QTU (Operating Times / Termine)

Hello fans of the electromagnetic waves,

we are a group of radio amateurs (HAMs) at Technische Universität Berlin (Berlin Institute of Technology), called AfuTUB.

Our shack is located directly under the roof of the main building (Hauptgebaeude) close to the antennas. We have possibilities for all bands ranging from 160m to 10GHz. Specialties are Meteor Scatter on 2m and EME on 70cm - special license for 6m has been issued, too. Students and employees of any of the universities and academies of Berlin, who are interested to join us should contact us for further information. A license helps but is not required.

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